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CDR-H3 diversity is not required for antigen recognition by synthetic antibodies, Persson, H., Ye W., Wernimont A., Adams J. J., Koide A., Koide S., Lam R., and Sidhu S. S. , J Mol Biol, Volume 425, Number 4, p.803-11, (2013)
Cell biology. New tricks for an old dimer, Wells, J. A., and Kossiakoff A. A. , Science, Volume 344, Number 6185, p.703-4, (2014)
Characterization of synthetic antigen binding fragments targeting Toc75 for the isolation of TOC in A. thaliana and P. sativum., Srinivasan, Karthik, Erramilli Satchal K., Chakravarthy Srinivas, Gonzalez Adrian, Kossiakoff Anthony, and Noinaj Nicholas , Structure, 2023 Mar 17, (2023)
Comparative proteomics of a model MCF10A-KRasG12V cell line reveals a distinct molecular signature of the KRasG12V cell surface., Ye, Xiaoying, Chan King C., Waters Andrew M., Bess Matthew, Harned Adam, Wei Bih-Rong, Loncarek Jadranka, Luke Brian T., Orsburn Benjamin C., Hollinger Bradley D., et al. , Oncotarget, 2016 Dec 27, Volume 7, Issue 52, p.86948-86971, (2016)
Conformational Chaperones for Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins Using Antibody Phage Display with Nanodiscs., Dominik, Pawel K., Borowska Marta T., Dalmas Olivier, Kim Sangwoo S., Perozo Eduardo, Keenan Robert J., and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , Structure, 2016 Feb 02, Volume 24, Issue 2, p.300-9, (2016)
Conformation-specific Synthetic Antibodies Discriminate Multiple Functional States of the Ion Channel CorA., Erramilli, Satchal K., Dominik Pawel K., Deneka Dawid, Tokarz Piotr, Kim Sangwoo S., Reddy Bharat G., Skrobek Blazej M., Dalmas Olivier, Perozo Eduardo, and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , J Mol Biol, 2023 Jul 01, Volume 435, Issue 17, p.168192, (2023)
Creation of Phosphotyrosine Superbinders by Directed Evolution of an SH2 Domain., Huang, Haiming, Kaneko Tomonori, Sidhu Sachdev S., and Li Shawn S. C. , Methods Mol Biol, 2017, Volume 1555, p.225-254, (2017)
Cryo-EM structure of human rhodopsin bound to an inhibitory G protein., Kang, Yanyong, Kuybeda Oleg, de Waal Parker W., Mukherjee Somnath, Van Eps Ned, Dutka Przemyslaw, X Zhou Edward, Bartesaghi Alberto, Erramilli Satchal, Morizumi Takefumi, et al. , Nature, 2018 06, Volume 558, Issue 7711, p.553-558, (2018)
Determination of equilibrium dissociation constants for recombinant antibodies by high-throughput affinity electrophoresis., Pan, Yuchen, Sackmann Eric K., Wypisniak Karolina, Hornsby Michael, Datwani Sammy S., and Herr Amy E. , Sci Rep, 2016 Dec 23, Volume 6, p.39774, (2016)
Development of a universal nanobody-binding Fab module for fiducial-assisted cryo-EM studies of membrane proteins., Bloch, Joël S., Mukherjee Somnath, Kowal Julia, Filippova Ekaterina V., Niederer Martina, Pardon Els, Steyaert Jan, Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Locher Kaspar P. , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2021 Nov 23, Volume 118, Issue 47, (2021)
Development of "Plug and Play" Fiducial Marks for Structural Studies of GPCR Signaling Complexes by Single-Particle Cryo-EM., Dutka, Przemyslaw, Mukherjee Somnath, Gao Xiang, Kang Yanyong, de Waal Parker W., Wang Lei, Zhuang Youwen, Melcher Karsten, Zhang Cheng, H Xu Eric, et al. , Structure, 2019 12 03, Volume 27, Issue 12, p.1862-1874.e7, (2019)
Development, structure, and mechanism of synthetic antibodies that target claudin and Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin complexes., Orlando, Benjamin J., Dominik Pawel K., Roy Sourav, Ogbu Chinemerem P., Erramilli Satchal K., Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Vecchio Alex J. , J Biol Chem, 2022 Sep, Volume 298, Issue 9, p.102357, (2022)
Direct Proximity Tagging of Small Molecule Protein Targets Using an Engineered NEDD8 Ligase., Hill, Zachary B., Pollock Samuel B., Zhuang Min, and Wells James A. , J Am Chem Soc, 2016 Oct 12, Volume 138, Issue 40, p.13123-13126, (2016)
Engineered synthetic antibodies as probes to quantify the energetic contributions of ligand binding to conformational changes in proteins., Mukherjee, Somnath, Griffin Dionne H., Horn James R., Rizk Shahir S., Nocula-Lugowska Malgorzata, Malmqvist Magnus, Kim Sangwoo S., and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , J Biol Chem, 2018 02 23, Volume 293, Issue 8, p.2815-2828, (2018)
An engineered ultra-high affinity Fab-Protein G pair enables a modular antibody platform with multifunctional capability., Slezak, Tomasz, Bailey Lucas J., Jaskolowski Mateusz, Nahotko Dominik A., Filippova Ekaterina V., Davydova Elena K., and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , Protein Sci, 2020 01, Volume 29, Issue 1, p.141-156, (2020)
Engineered ultra-high affinity synthetic antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 neutralization and detection., Slezak, Tomasz, and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , J Mol Biol, 2021 Mar 25, p.166956, (2021)
Engineering of a synthetic antibody fragment for structural and functional studies of K+ channels., Rohaim, Ahmed, Slezak Tomasz, Koh Young Hoon, Blachowicz Lydia, Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Roux Benoît , J Gen Physiol, 2022 Apr 04, Volume 154, Issue 4, (2022)
Engineering synthetic antibody binders for allosteric inhibition of prolactin receptor signaling, Rizk, S. S., Kouadio J. L., Szymborska A., Duguid E. M., Mukherjee S., Zheng J., Clevenger C. V., and Kossiakoff A. A. , Cell Commun Signal, 01/2015, Volume 13, Number 1, p.1, (2015)
Ensemble cryoEM elucidates the mechanism of insulin capture and degradation by human insulin degrading enzyme., Zhang, Zhening, Liang Wenguang G., Bailey Lucas J., Tan Yong Zi, Wei Hui, Wang Andrew, Farcasanu Mara, Woods Virgil A., McCord Lauren A., Lee David, et al. , Elife, 03/2018, Volume 7, (2018)


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