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Structural basis for activation of SAGA histone acetyltransferase Gcn5 by partner subunit Ada2., Sun, Jian, Paduch Marcin, Kim Sang-Ah, Kramer Ryan M., Barrios Adam F., Lu Vincent, Luke Judy, Usatyuk Svitlana, Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Tan Song , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2018 10 02, Volume 115, Issue 40, p.10010-10015, (2018)
Structural basis for activation of voltage sensor domains in an ion channel TPC1., Kintzer, Alexander F., Green Evan M., Dominik Pawel K., Bridges Michael, Armache Jean-Paul, Deneka Dawid, Kim Sangwoo S., Hubbell Wayne, Kossiakoff Anthony A., Cheng Yifan, et al. , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2018 09 25, Volume 115, Issue 39, p.E9095-E9104, (2018)
Structural basis for assembly and lipid-mediated gating of LRRC8A:C volume-regulated anion channels., Kern, David M., Bleier Julia, Mukherjee Somnath, Hill Jennifer M., Kossiakoff Anthony A., Isacoff Ehud Y., and Brohawn Stephen G. , Nat Struct Mol Biol, 2023 Mar 16, (2023)
Structural basis of omega-3 fatty acid transport across the blood-brain barrier., Cater, Rosemary J., Chua Geok Lin, Erramilli Satchal K., Keener James E., Choy Brendon C., Tokarz Piotr, Chin Cheen Fei, Q Y Quek Debra, Kloss Brian, Pepe Joseph G., et al. , Nature, 2021 Jun 16, (2021)
Structural mechanism of voltage-dependent gating in an isolated voltage-sensing domain, Li, Q., Wanderling S., Paduch M., Medovoy D., Singharoy A., McGreevy R., Villalba-Galea C. A., Hulse R. E., Roux B., Schulten K., et al. , Nat Struct Mol Biol, Volume 21, Number 3, p.244-52, (2014)
Structural Modeling of Human Growth Hormone Receptor using Computational Simulations and NMR Spectroscopy, Rui, H., Kossiakoff A., and Im W. , Biophys J, Volume 104, Number 2, Supplement 1, p.117a-118a, (2013)
Structure and drug resistance of the Plasmodium falciparum transporter PfCRT., Kim, Jonathan, Tan Yong Zi, Wicht Kathryn J., Erramilli Satchal K., Dhingra Satish K., Okombo John, Vendome Jeremie, Hagenah Laura M., Giacometti Sabrina I., Warren Audrey L., et al. , Nature, 2019 12, Volume 576, Issue 7786, p.315-320, (2019)
Structure and mechanism of the ER-based glucosyltransferase ALG6., Bloch, Joël S., Pesciullesi Giorgio, Boilevin Jérémy, Nosol Kamil, Irobalieva Rossitza N., Darbre Tamis, Aebi Markus, Kossiakoff Anthony A., Reymond Jean-Louis, and Locher Kaspar P. , Nature, 03/2020, Volume 579, Issue 7799, p.443-447, (2020)
Structure of active beta-arrestin-1 bound to a G-protein-coupled receptor phosphopeptide, Shukla, A. K., Manglik A., Kruse A. C., Xiao K., Reis R. I., Tseng W. C., Staus D. P., Hilger D., Uysal S., Huang L. Y., et al. , Nature, Volume 497, Number 7447, p.137-41, (2013)
Structure of an AMPK complex in an inactive, ATP-bound state., Yan, Yan, Mukherjee Somnath, Harikumar Kaleeckal G., Strutzenberg Timothy S., X Zhou Edward, Suino-Powell Kelly, Xu Ting-Hai, Sheldon Ryan D., Lamp Jared, Brunzelle Joseph S., et al. , Science, 2021 Jul 23, Volume 373, Issue 6553, p.413-419, (2021)
Structure of human Frizzled5 by fiducial-assisted cryo-EM supports a heterodimeric mechanism of canonical Wnt signaling., Tsutsumi, Naotaka, Mukherjee Somnath, Waghray Deepa, Janda Claudia Y., Jude Kevin M., Miao Yi, Burg John S., Aduri Nanda Gowtham, Kossiakoff Anthony A., Gati Cornelius, et al. , Elife, August 7 2020, Volume 9, (2020)
Structure of human NTCP reveals the basis of recognition and sodium-driven transport of bile salts into the liver., Liu, Hongtao, Irobalieva Rossitza N., Bang-Sørensen Rose, Nosol Kamil, Mukherjee Somnath, Agrawal Parth, Stieger Bruno, Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Locher Kaspar P. , Cell Res, 2022 Aug, Volume 32, Issue 8, p.773-776, (2022)
The structure of the C-terminal domain of the nucleoprotein from the Bundibugyo strain of the Ebola virus in complex with a pan-specific synthetic Fab., Radwańska, Malwina J., Jaskółowski Mateusz, Davydova Elena, Derewenda Urszula, Miyake Tsuyoshi, Engel Daniel A., Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Derewenda Zygmunt S. , Acta Crystallogr D Struct Biol, 2018 07 01, Volume 74, Issue Pt 7, p.681-689, (2018)
Structure, sequon recognition and mechanism of tryptophan C-mannosyltransferase., Bloch, Joël S., John Alan, Mao Runyu, Mukherjee Somnath, Boilevin Jérémy, Irobalieva Rossitza N., Darbre Tamis, Scott Nichollas E., Reymond Jean-Louis, Kossiakoff Anthony A., et al. , Nat Chem Biol, 2023 Jan 05, (2023)
Structures of ABCB4 provide insight into phosphatidylcholine translocation., Nosol, Kamil, Bang-Sørensen Rose, Irobalieva Rossitza N., Erramilli Satchal K., Stieger Bruno, Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Locher Kaspar P. , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2021 Aug 17, Volume 118, Issue 33, (2021)
Structures of atypical chemokine receptor 3 reveal the basis for its promiscuity and signaling bias., Yen, Yu-Chen, Schafer Christopher T., Gustavsson Martin, Eberle Stefanie A., Dominik Pawel K., Deneka Dawid, Zhang Penglie, Schall Thomas J., Kossiakoff Anthony A., Tesmer John J. G., et al. , Sci Adv, 2022 Jul 15, Volume 8, Issue 28, p.eabn8063, (2022)
Structures of rhodopsin in complex with G-protein-coupled receptor kinase 1., Chen, Qiuyan, Plasencia Manolo, Li Zhuang, Mukherjee Somnath, Patra Dhabaleswar, Chen Chun-Liang, Klose Thomas, Yao Xin-Qiu, Kossiakoff Anthony A., Chang Leifu, et al. , Nature, 2021 Jul 14, (2021)
Substance P derivatives as versatile tools for specific delivery of various types of biomolecular cargo, Rizk, S. S., Misiura A., Paduch M., and Kossiakoff A. A. , Bioconjug Chem, Volume 23, Number 1, p.42-6, (2012)
A switchable yeast display/secretion system., Van Deventer, James A., Kelly Ryan L., Rajan Saravanan, K Wittrup Dane, and Sidhu Sachdev S. , Protein Eng Des Sel, 2015 Oct, Volume 28, Issue 10, p.317-25, (2015)
Synthetic antibodies against BRIL as universal fiducial marks for single-particle cryoEM structure determination of membrane proteins., Mukherjee, Somnath, Erramilli Satchal K., Ammirati Mark, Alvarez Frances J. D., Fennell Kimberly F., Purdy Michael D., Skrobek Blazej M., Radziwon Katarzyna, Coukos John, Kang Yanyong, et al. , Nat Commun, March 27 2020, Volume 11, Issue 1, p.1598, (2020)
Synthetic antibodies and peptides recognizing progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy-specific point mutations in polyomavirus JC capsid viral protein 1., Chen, Gang, Gorelik Leonid, Simon Kenneth J., Pavlenco Alevtina, Cheung Anne, Brickelmaier Margot, Chen Ling Ling, Jin Ping, Weinreb Paul H., and Sidhu Sachdev S. , MAbs, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 4, p.681-92, (2015)
Synthetic Antibodies Detect Distinct Cellular States of Chromosome Passenger Complex Proteins., Ura, Marcin, Mukherjee Somnath, Marcon Edyta, Koestler Stefan A., and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , J Mol Biol, 2022 Jun 30, Volume 434, Issue 12, p.167602, (2022)
A synthetic antibody fragment targeting nicastrin affects assembly and trafficking of gamma-secretase, Zhang, X., Hoey R., Koide A., Dolios G., Paduch M., Nguyen P., Wu X., Li Y., Wagner S. L., Wang R., et al. , J Biol Chem, Volume 289, Number 50, p.34851-61, (2014)


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