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Comparative proteomics of a model MCF10A-KRasG12V cell line reveals a distinct molecular signature of the KRasG12V cell surface., Ye, Xiaoying, Chan King C., Waters Andrew M., Bess Matthew, Harned Adam, Wei Bih-Rong, Loncarek Jadranka, Luke Brian T., Orsburn Benjamin C., Hollinger Bradley D., et al. , Oncotarget, 2016 Dec 27, Volume 7, Issue 52, p.86948-86971, (2016)
Conformational Chaperones for Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins Using Antibody Phage Display with Nanodiscs., Dominik, Pawel K., Borowska Marta T., Dalmas Olivier, Kim Sangwoo S., Perozo Eduardo, Keenan Robert J., and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , Structure, 2016 Feb 02, Volume 24, Issue 2, p.300-9, (2016)
Determination of equilibrium dissociation constants for recombinant antibodies by high-throughput affinity electrophoresis., Pan, Yuchen, Sackmann Eric K., Wypisniak Karolina, Hornsby Michael, Datwani Sammy S., and Herr Amy E. , Sci Rep, 2016 Dec 23, Volume 6, p.39774, (2016)
Direct Proximity Tagging of Small Molecule Protein Targets Using an Engineered NEDD8 Ligase., Hill, Zachary B., Pollock Samuel B., Zhuang Min, and Wells James A. , J Am Chem Soc, 2016 Oct 12, Volume 138, Issue 40, p.13123-13126, (2016)
A polar ring endows improved specificity to an antibody fragment., Schaefer, Zachary P., Bailey Lucas J., and Kossiakoff Anthony A. , Protein Sci, 2016 07, Volume 25, Issue 7, p.1290-8, (2016)
The Preserved HTH-Docking Cleft of HIV-1 Integrase Is Functionally Critical., Galilee, Meytal, Britan-Rosich Elena, Griner Sarah L., Uysal Serdar, Baumgärtel Viola, Lamb Don C., Kossiakoff Anthony A., Kotler Moshe, Stroud Robert M., Marx Ailie, et al. , Structure, 2016 11 01, Volume 24, Issue 11, p.1936-1946, (2016)
Specific Recognition of a Single-Stranded RNA Sequence by a Synthetic Antibody Fragment., Shao, Yaming, Huang Hao, Qin Daoming, Li Nan-Sheng, Koide Akiko, Staley Jonathan P., Koide Shohei, Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Piccirilli Joseph A. , J Mol Biol, 2016 10 09, Volume 428, Issue 20, p.4100-4114, (2016)
Architecture of the fungal nuclear pore inner ring complex., Stuwe, Tobias, Bley Christopher J., Thierbach Karsten, Petrovic Stefan, Schilbach Sandra, Mayo Daniel J., Perriches Thibaud, Rundlet Emily J., Jeon Young E., Collins Leslie N., et al. , Science, 2015 Oct 02, Volume 350, Issue 6256, p.56-64, (2015)
Assessment of a method to characterize antibody selectivity and specificity for use in immunoprecipitation., Marcon, Edyta, Jain Harshika, Bhattacharya Anandi, Guo Hongbo, Phanse Sadhna, Pu Shuye, Byram Gregory, Collins Ben C., Dowdell Evan, Fenner Maria, et al. , Nat Methods, 2015 Aug, Volume 12, Issue 8, p.725-31, (2015)
Engineering synthetic antibody binders for allosteric inhibition of prolactin receptor signaling, Rizk, S. S., Kouadio J. L., Szymborska A., Duguid E. M., Mukherjee S., Zheng J., Clevenger C. V., and Kossiakoff A. A. , Cell Commun Signal, 01/2015, Volume 13, Number 1, p.1, (2015)
A High Through-put Platform for Recombinant Antibodies to Folded Proteins., Hornsby, Michael, Paduch Marcin, Miersch Shane, Sääf Annika, Matsuguchi Tet, Lee Brian, Wypisniak Karolina, Doak Allison, King Daniel, Usatyuk Svitlana, et al. , Mol Cell Proteomics, 2015 Oct, Volume 14, Issue 10, p.2833-47, (2015)
An improved single-chain Fab platform for efficient display and recombinant expression., Koerber, James T., Hornsby Michael J., and Wells James A. , J Mol Biol, 2015 Jan 30, Volume 427, Issue 2, p.576-86, (2015)
Nuclear pores. Architecture of the nuclear pore complex coat, Stuwe, T., Correia A. R., Lin D. H., Paduch M., Lu V. T., Kossiakoff A. A., and Hoelz A. , Science, 03/2015, Volume 347, Number 6226, p.1148-52, (2015)
Optimizing Production of Antigens and Fabs in the Context of Generating Recombinant Antibodies to Human Proteins., Zhong, Nan, Loppnau Peter, Seitova Alma, Ravichandran Mani, Fenner Maria, Jain Harshika, Bhattacharya Anandi, Hutchinson Ashley, Paduch Marcin, Lu Vincent, et al. , PLoS One, 2015, Volume 10, Issue 10, p.e0139695, (2015)
Protein targeting. Structure of the Get3 targeting factor in complex with its membrane protein cargo, Mateja, A., Paduch M., Chang H. Y., Szydlowska A., Kossiakoff A. A., Hegde R. S., and Keenan R. J. , Science, 03/2015, Volume 347, Number 6226, p.1152-5, (2015)
Scalable high throughput selection from phage-displayed synthetic antibody libraries, Miersch, S., Li Z., Hanna R., McLaughlin M. E., Hornsby M., Matsuguchi T., Paduch M., Saaf A., Wells J., Koide S., et al. , J Vis Exp, 01/2015, Number 95, p.51492, (2015)
Selection of recombinant anti-SH3 domain antibodies by high-throughput phage display., Huang, Haiming, Economopoulos Nicolas O., Liu Bernard A., Uetrecht Andrea, Gu Jun, Jarvik Nick, Nadeem Vincent, Pawson Tony, Moffat Jason, Miersch Shane, et al. , Protein Sci, 2015 Nov, Volume 24, Issue 11, p.1890-900, (2015)
A switchable yeast display/secretion system., Van Deventer, James A., Kelly Ryan L., Rajan Saravanan, K Wittrup Dane, and Sidhu Sachdev S. , Protein Eng Des Sel, 2015 Oct, Volume 28, Issue 10, p.317-25, (2015)
Synthetic antibodies and peptides recognizing progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy-specific point mutations in polyomavirus JC capsid viral protein 1., Chen, Gang, Gorelik Leonid, Simon Kenneth J., Pavlenco Alevtina, Cheung Anne, Brickelmaier Margot, Chen Ling Ling, Jin Ping, Weinreb Paul H., and Sidhu Sachdev S. , MAbs, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 4, p.681-92, (2015)


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