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Applications for an engineered Protein-G variant with a pH controllable affinity to antibody fragments, Bailey, L. J., Sheehy K. M., Hoey R. J., Schaefer Z. P., Ura M., and Kossiakoff A. A. , J Immunol Methods, Volume 415, p.24-30, (2014)
Locking the Elbow: Improved Antibody Fab Fragments as Chaperones for Structure Determination., Bailey, Lucas J., Sheehy Kimberly M., Dominik Pawel K., Liang Wenguang G., Rui Huan, Clark Michael, Jaskolowski Mateusz, Kim Yejoon, Deneka Dawid, Tang Wei-Jen, et al. , J Mol Biol, 2018 02 02, Volume 430, Issue 3, p.337-347, (2018)
Biomolecular Forms and Functions: A Celebration of 50 Years of the Ramachandran Map, Bansal, M., and Srinivasan N. , (2013)
Structure, sequon recognition and mechanism of tryptophan C-mannosyltransferase., Bloch, Joël S., John Alan, Mao Runyu, Mukherjee Somnath, Boilevin Jérémy, Irobalieva Rossitza N., Darbre Tamis, Scott Nichollas E., Reymond Jean-Louis, Kossiakoff Anthony A., et al. , Nat Chem Biol, 2023 Jan 05, (2023)
Development of a universal nanobody-binding Fab module for fiducial-assisted cryo-EM studies of membrane proteins., Bloch, Joël S., Mukherjee Somnath, Kowal Julia, Filippova Ekaterina V., Niederer Martina, Pardon Els, Steyaert Jan, Kossiakoff Anthony A., and Locher Kaspar P. , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2021 Nov 23, Volume 118, Issue 47, (2021)
Structure and mechanism of the ER-based glucosyltransferase ALG6., Bloch, Joël S., Pesciullesi Giorgio, Boilevin Jérémy, Nosol Kamil, Irobalieva Rossitza N., Darbre Tamis, Aebi Markus, Kossiakoff Anthony A., Reymond Jean-Louis, and Locher Kaspar P. , Nature, 03/2020, Volume 579, Issue 7799, p.443-447, (2020)


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